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Friday, January 30, 2009

Dear Hunter,

The day before your Dad's birthday, January 22, he went to the post office, like he had so many times this month, looking for the letter. A letter we had talked about for years, before you were born even. A letter we were excited for, and also concerned about. We were excited for you and what you could discover. We were concerned if we were making the right choice for you, one of the most important choices, and one of the last we would be making without your input. A letter that, when it came, made us cry, and laugh, and feel proud of you like we had on so many other days before this one.

A letter that accepted you into the class of 2023.

We knew you were smart and gentle and funny. We knew you scored so well on your tests, and we knew you played kindly with the other children on your play date. We knew you loved it at the new school. One day you asked me when you would be 'done the regular school and go to the play school' where you had the play date and we had looked at the big whale on the wall. We knew you were excited by all of the computers you saw in the classrooms. We knew you were looking forward to frolicking on the scenic playground. And now we know that you will thrive, be happy, and make friendships to last a lifetime at this place.

Our sweet little man, you are getting so big, we love you so much.
I am so proud of you, my Huntie, be proud of yourself, too.
Mama and Daddy

Baby Hunter-4 months

6 months in your first golf shirt

Your First Day at the Last Daycare-1 year 2 months

At the Races-1 year 3 months

Down the Shore-2 years

Riding Lesson with Mama-2 years 2 months

Playing With Your Camera-3 years 5 months


  1. Hunter congrats on an amazing accomplishment at such a young age. I wish you the best of luck, and I look forward to watching you grow.

    ~ love aunt kelly


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