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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wordless Weekend

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bread with Beck

But there wasn't any Bread or Beck playing. It was U2 on WMMR in fact. Beck loves rocking out.

Beck and I made Cornstalk Bread from a recipe we found in the Gourmet magazine. The bread was easy to handle and smelled yummy. I sprayed it a lot with water while it baked to make it crusty like the French Baguette I used to have in Nantes. Of course it was deemed "Too Crusty" by the critics, although Beck enjoyed the teething quality of her piece.

So, per it's name, the bread is supposed to look like a cornstalk and the guests are to tear off their "corn." Hunter got a kick out of the tearing part, and the bread went well with the beer-braised beef chuck and gravy.

The blue pot in the background was my mother's. Unfortunately I dropped the lid in the move and the handle popped off. Also, the interior ceramic is failing, so I am thinking about getting a new one. I just can't figure out what color I want. Decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Off to a Meeting

I love this picture of Rebecca in her quilted coat from Aunt Kay. She exudes this tiny sophisticated air and I expect her to hop up saying she is off to a fundraiser meeting. Instead she just says 'mamammmammmamamaaa' and chews on the coffee table. She's got a little way to go before Sophisticated is a choice word for her.

Now I just need to learn some photoshop so I can make this picture even better. I am determined to learn how to use PS, since all previous attempts have failed miserably. I can pick up any software pretty quickly, but the photoshop, it elludes me. Meh.
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