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Saturday, March 28, 2009

That. There. Was Unpleasant.

We drove from the farm at 8:30-something AM Friday all the way to somewhere until 8:30-something PM. With Hunt and Beck. Yeah. All-in-all it was uneventful; Beck doing the random at-will screeching to hear the sound of her own voice and remind us that she was all but done with the carseat, and Hunt playing with a new toy every few hours. I managed to chat with Meg for a while before the call dropped and we were back to the long road, which didn't allow for a stop to actually see Meg (insert high pitched Beck We called Mimi to check in and let her know of our awesome progress and we even stopped for a meal (note to self: just eat what was packed). Don't dismiss the big fun of the deplorable dump we spent the night in, which nearly did me in with the dirty yuck and overall ewww. Not to mention Beck screaming for a good 20 minutes before dropping off to sleep. But, it could have been worse...

On Saturday morning we drove another few hours until we reached the island. The room was not ready, of course, so we had a bit of a rough lunch at the clubhouse of the golfcourse, before we finally unpacked into our room and settled in. In, that is, to hot showers and baths and clean clothes, delish.

The boys got a walk in and the sandals were put to use in the ocean.

We have a lovely view thanks to Dada who likes to secure some nice scenery.

And we all managed to get some sleep in clean beds. I didn't even sanitize like a madwoman. Ahhh, vacation...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cruise Control

No, not Tommy Cruise. Beck and I went shopping today for our impending trip on the road, and she discovered she was a bit peaked after Mama had perused many sale racks. So I reset her stroller seat to Recline and offered her the nuk nuk bottle. And she held it and nukked while Mama kept digging through those bargains. Then tonight during our bedtime routine, she held her bottle again, before being distracted by Big Daddy, who she kissed quite purposefully(?)tonight. So many milestones, so little time. My baby is in nuk nuk cruise control, I am at one time both tickled pink and heartbroken.

Monday, March 2, 2009

In Lieu of...

...the other post I am writing which has been snowed out, I offer pictures of the view. Stay warm, people.

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