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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moving + Renting = Dislike

I dislike the word hate. But if I did hate something, it would be moving. Which I have just done again for the umpteenth time with Michael. And I think I dislike (read:hate) being a landlord and renting out the house. But I have finished moving out of a 5 bedroom and cleaned nearly the entire thing in less than 2 days. I am also now sick. Surprise!! I have not been reading or commenting on blogs or keeping up. Which would lead me to this...

I hate that Amalah mentioned my comment on her delicious spot on the interwebs, and I am just now finding out. Am loser.

Amy's is a great post about the little angels that help you through the long nights with little one's, and how we all come to the Never Doing that Again column. Please to go read Amalah and enjoy smushy pics of her kiddies, I am returning to regularly scheduled sickness.

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