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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Favorite Things

Forget Oprah, I have some favorite things of my own!I wish I could be as button savvy as BOSSY is and make my own sidebar button for favorite things, but for now I think they can have their own posty-love.

I had to decide which item was going to debut my favorite things, and with the impending holidays I think my Williams-Sonoma potato ricer wins the day!


This toy is a potato-ricing machine! I love it and seriously hope one day to pass it along to Beck, although I may just buy her the new version 'cause I am not fond of the idea of giving mine up. I discovered this method a few years ago, no doubt, watching Food Network, so Yvonne and I decided to buy a cheap knock off since I wanted to see if I liked the whole ricing effect to begin with. Off to the Hardware Center we went, where we found a $12 version of a ricer that suited our research needs. Ricing the potatoes made them so light and fluffy, but the cheap ricer bent before long, so I bought this ricer which I had coveted for so long. It is heavy duty and processes huge pots of potatoes in no time. I warm the milk, cream, salt, and butter mixture while ricing, and then fold the wet ingredients in so as not to overwork my masterpiece. Perfection!! Thanksgiving this year proved another successful year.

Bonus Tip! For big Thanksgivings and Holidays, or just to free up more time and stove space, I make the mashers a day early and put them in the crock pot. They warm up in 2-3 hours on low and are hot and delicious.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. The Food Network, a horrible Mistress indeed, but you can't argue the results :-)


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