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Monday, December 15, 2008

Can I get an Ew! Or an Awww...

Beck has a cold, and ew. Poor thing made the sweetest 'I'm sick' face all day yesterday when she saw Santa (gratuitous cuteness to follow). The kids both seemed to enjoy Santa this year, even though I was sure there would be tears. But, I talked to Hunt first and reminded him that Santa was very big and had a very bright red suit. He proceeded to question me for the next 2 hours on HOW big Santa was, only to finally determine that he would not be TOO big.

When we got to the club we had to convince Hunter that Santa did not, in fact, live in the clubhouse. As we entered the conference room (First!) to finally meet Santa, I was saying that maybe the older kids could go first so Hunter could watch, but before I finished my thought Hunt ran across the room and jumped into Santas lap. And proceeded to mug for the camera for the rest of his visit.


Here's Beck's best effort to look happy despite her cold

Baby girl by her first tree on the farm

Hunter showing Grammy his picture book present

Of course, after this excitement we had lunch with everyone and generally kicked off the Holiday season in style! I just hope Rebecca feels better before our next festive event, I am running out of tissues.


  1. Aww! How cute, he is! Great job, preparing him for Santa, some kids get frightened, but he seems happy as can be! Thanks for visiting my blog and happy holidays, to you and your darling family!

  2. You were lucky! I decided that the terror of sitting on some strange man's lap isn't worth it.

    DGM has a good plan. I've visited some good new sites. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  3. Here from Dad Gone Mad. I can so relate to the family not commenting thing. In fact, my out-of-town family may not even visit my blog. Kinda ironic that the folks who live through what I blog about come read it, but those who are far away stay, well, far away from it! Happy holidays to you and your clan.

  4. Ashley:

    Those kids are adorable! I especially like the pic of your daughter with the tree. Awww!! for sure.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on Irish Gumbo. I am doubly impressed that you took in most of it. I liked the blueprint reference, that was a LOL!

    Also, many thanks for your condolences. It helps lessen the sting, you know?

    Thanks so much!

  5. Hey Irish - Thanks for coming over. Sorry my comments are a little sloppy and not always well-scripted, sometimes I am racing the clock. I look forward to more of your posts!

  6. Thanks for visiting, and commenting! That DGM has as all running around making friends!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your kids are too cute! Your baby girl has exactly the same hair do happening as mine.

  8. Girl - your babies are SO gorgeous! I'm so excited to see what's been going on in your life. Now I just need a bullet point list of the last 18 years. Not too much to ask, right?

  9. Ashley:

    My turn for the thanks, for your thoughtful (and helpful) comment on my post of last Thursday. It gives a little more of a framework when I need to explain to Wee Lass what's going on.

    In appreciation, I have an award ready for you, you can pick it up at IG, upper right hand corner. Hope you like it!

    Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!


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