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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Pie

At school, Hunter takes a class called Stripes, it's an integral part of his school. This month he is learning about his Faith Stripe, and on parents night his teacher explained that Faith is laden in tradition, so talking about tradition with little one's can help them begin to identify Faith.

I thought about the traditions that I am trying to practice with our family. Some traditions are new one's, like taking Hunt and Beck to the town Halloween parade in homemade "Pairs" costumes. Some are old traditions; my mother used to hide the baby Jesus figurine from our creche in the drawer of the dresser where the bucolic scene rested year after year. Her theory was that Christmas was Jesus' Birthday so He should not make an appearance until Christmas morning. Now, I just need to remember whose turn it is to take out our baby Jesus for our creche scene that Mimi gave us.

This year I decided that our new tradition could be baking pumpkin pie from scratch. Hunter loves pumpkins, and I thought this would be a good way to get him to eat something with a more sophisticated flavor. They say if the kid is involved in the making of the food, they are more inclined to eat it. I wasn't holding my breath though, pumpkin pie was a bit outside of Hunter's current palate. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to show him that pumpkins, a lot of veggies for that matter, come from the vine before they end up on the table, they don't necessarily come from a can or the microwave.

Enough foolosiphizing!

Getting started, Hunter has a selection of pumpkins and a can of pumpkin, he said, "Just in case we need it"

Ready for the oven!

Mixing it up!

Finished Pie...

Hunter ate his whole piece, and declared it "Delicious"

Let Pie season begin!

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