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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Holidays from our beautiful new home! We are all settled in, and love our new surroundings. Hunter and Rebecca once again have their own rooms, although Beck sneaks over to visit her patient, football-loving, big brother’s room to play after bedtime. They both have made good use of their new playground, and Beck is catching up to Hunt in both size and climbing skills. Michael is right near his golf course, and Mama is delighted by how close her favorite places are.

Hunter had a fun visit to the zoo this spring, posing for his routine picture with the statue of Massa the Gorilla. When she was little, Mama and Mimi Yvonne used to visit the real Massa, which Hunt knows all too well from hearing every one of Mama’s stories. Mimi is doing well after getting her ‘bionic hip,’ about the same time as Michael broke his ankle. They are both still recovering, but getting there!

Beck is getting so big! She got her first set of stitches this year after a tumble, and gave everyone a run for their money in the process. She is so tough, nothing fazes her. Except: maybe roller coasters. The kids enjoyed a trip to the fair, and their first coaster ride. Hunt went several times, Beck went once. She is sassy, outgoing but cautious, demanding, smart, and so sweet and kind.

Thomas enjoyed his pretty typical summer activities, video gaming, golfing, trips to the Lake with Grammy and Pappy, and some water skiing and tubing. Then, Ashley signed him up for overnight Camp Cadet for a week, run by the County Police. Yay, marching! Yay, push-ups! Actually, it was a beautiful camp site on French Creek, and it sounded like he had a great time. They went fishing, had an appearance from a SWAT team, went swimming, and sat around campfires. Fun!

We had a fun Halloween trick-or-treating in the ‘hood. The kids dressed up as Scooby and the Mystery Machine, everyone knows what a Mystery Beck is! There were even Bonus Treats at Mimi’s house.

We are so proud of all the kids, their strength, resilience, understanding, optimism, and sense of humor. Just today we saw how amazing they are as they tossed stones and climbed together down by the river. Peace, from us to you.

See Ya!
Merry Christmas! Love, All of Us

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